When Gandi dropped into our office with some samples of his photography art, we did not know what to expect . "Wow!" was our unanimous reaction. His gift is being able to capture a moment of ordinary life or an ordinary setting and, with an eye for composition and a brilliant sense of color, convert the ordinary into the extraordinary. Under Gandi's eye, the photos take on a mystical quality and are true works of art worthy of framing.

Juanita Stein, Editor, Yucatan Today and  yucatantoday.com

Gandi has the talent to create stunning pictures from photo opportunities that most of us would pass by. He told me that he has traveled extensively with his camera and is therefore able to offer a wide range of photographic subjects. 
I get great enjoyment from seeing Gandi's work on my walls, the photographs are so vibrant and seem to bring 'life' to any wall.

Lesley Jones - Auburn, California

Muchos felicidades por tener un lugar donde expone lugares moy bonitos de Merida, espero pueda seguir exponiendo su pasion y mostrorlo a la gente para que veon a travez de vision las marovilles que tenemos que disfrutor dia a dia.

I have a home in the mountains in Northern California and was very pleasantly surprised one day, when I walked into a local art gallery and saw a photograph of Gandi's that was 'just right' for a large empty space on a wall in our guest suite. I purchased 'Squaw Valley Spring' and absolutely adore it. I have had nothing but positive comments from friends that have stayed since my purchase. Well done Gandi, beautiful work.

Valerie S. California.

Dear Gandi, 
I am writing to thank you for the incredible framed photograph you presented to my wife and I.  When we talked with you about art, we had no idea of the quality of your work. It was not only great, but the best we have ever seen. We treasure the image 'Love Nest' which not only looks great on our wall for us, but gets a great deal of admiration from anyone visiting. We have to thank you for your dedication to the art of photography, and look forward to having a second print of your incredible work in our home.

Grant & Gema - Puerto Penasco, Mexico


I met Gandi nearly a decade ago while living in Northern California, and have had the great pleasure of viewing his extraordinary collection of original images.  I encourage whoever reads this, to seek out his art...it is far more than something to look at...it must be experienced.  As I pass his art in my home, it invites me to pause for a moment.  Looking deeply into the image, I experience the spirit of wonder.  How often is the spirit of "wonder" left behind in childhood?!  Thank you, Gandi, for seeing the extraordinary that lies within the ordinary.  A life lived through your lens is a beautiful life.  


With love and appreciation,

M. Kay Mathieu - Cleveland, Ohio



We just returned from visiting mom and dad's house and had the opportunity to see the canvased photo you took on the beach in front of their vacation home in the Yucatan. We cannot thank and commend you enough for capturing the essence of their affection for each other along with the beauty of this vacation spot which continues to build more memories for them year after year. 

When my wife and I first spoke with you about this project for my parents, we knew you did not have a lot of time to pull it together. In less than a week, you were able to connect with them to take enough photos to give them a large selection to choose from. In addition, you had their selected photo printed and ready for them in plenty of time to take back home.

Now, every time we visit my parent's and see the picture prominently displayed in their home, we will be reminded of our visit to the Yucatan, it's simple beauty, and my parent's wonderful friends who we have come to call ours as well.

It was a pleasure getting to know you and your family, and we look forward to seeing you all next year. Thanks again for your creativity and talent in making our gift to my parents so special.

Warmest regards,

Jim Crismon.

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