New Photographs

As new photographs 'migrate' from my cameras and through my computer, I am adding them to this sub-heading for a few weeks, and then moving them down into
a relevant category under 'Gallery'.   Please enjoy...


'Vertical Take Off'





' Neat and Tidy'

'Knotty Knotty'

'Practical Fishing'

'One Boat'


'500 Eh'

'Looking Up'

'369 A'

'Sign Here'


'Es la Mostaza'



'Green with Envy'

'The Kidz'

'Lisa Maria'


'The Works'

'Mangle 1'
'Mangle 2'

'Fair Play 4'

' Fair Play 3'

'Fair Play 2'


'Something Fishy'

'Honey Bee'


'Beaks United'

'The Benz Cuarteto'

'Got the Gear'




'Pier Pressure'

'Its Coming to Get Ya'


'Bravo for Reflections'

'Pecking Order'

'What a Blue Day'

'Fred and Henry'

'Come Fly with Me'

'Catching the Moment 2'

'Catching the Moment'

'Tree Study'

'Carriage Free'


'I Got A Train To Catch'

'Facing Up To It'

'Going Loco'

'YA 2'

'YA 1'


'Webbed Out'

'Is This A Fairy Tale'

'Heart In A Hole'


'I Talk To The Trees'


'Leave Space for Me'

'Uno, Dos, Tres, Quattro'

'Runway Right'

'Yep, It Was Me'

'I'm Sorry, I Dont Agree'

'A Telchac Tip'

'Secret Conversation'

'White Extravaganza'

'Sunset Rocks'


'Aerial Flypast'

'Squeezed Lime'

'Boat Spice'

'Boat Friends'

'Sunset Boulevard'

'Red Alert'


'Four for All'

'Smart Fella'

'Blue Hue'


'Ageing Process'

'The Reflective Three'

'Whats Up'

'Leave me Alone'

'Wooden it be Nice'

'All in a Row'

'Family Gathering'

'Flamingo Array'

'Hangin' in There'



'Hue Tube'

'Crazy Machine'

'Head to Head'

'Lets Go'

'Flamingo Puzzle'

'Please Talk to Me'

'Let Class Begin'

'1 plus X1X'

'Crocodile Smile'

'Color Palette'

'Treble Clef'

'Giving Back'


'Cool and Wild'

'Beauty Parlor'

'Body Language'

'A Step in Time'

'Light Show'

'The General'

'Golden Gate Crossing'


'Conductors Mate'

'Captivating Charlie'

'Five Dollars?

'Skiing in Style'

'Stairway Mural'

'Squeeze In'

'Fort Steele'

'Auburn Antiques'

All Photographs are Protected by Copyright